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Considering A Move To Panama - Find Our Home - Real Estate

Have You Considered Moving to Panama? - Living in Panama has many benefits.  In 2009, International Living ranked Panama #3 in the best places to retire in the world and in 2012, was ranked in the top 6 cheapest places to retire by Panama has a lower cost of living and yet is more developed with better infrastructure than other Latin American countries. Panama also boasts warm weather and lots of sunshine. Panama is close to the U.S., making it very easy to fly back home to see family and friends. Many compare living in Panama City to living in Miami, Fl. The Chiriquí region in western Panama is vastly becoming a popular retirement enclave for retirees seeking high quality of living, temperate climates and affordable health care. Almost all of the real estate developments in Boca Chica, and other coastal cities, offer miles of coastline and breathtaking views of the ocean.  There are a number of visas one can apply for, such as the Pensioner Visa, Private Income Retiree Visa, Person of Means Visa, and a Forestry Investment Visa. The Person of Means Visa is designed for those who want to live in Panama and invest in a minimum of $300,000 in real estate. 

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