What is RES.NET?

Services for Real Estate Pros with RES.NET

What is RES.NET?


Over the years, we have found that many people confuse RES.NET with USRES. While this is an easy mistake to make, as we are sister companies, there are big differences between the two companies. As such, we wanted to take the time to point out some key differences between the two companies.


What is USRES?


·         An Asset Management Company

·         Assigns BPOs

·         Assigns REOs

·         Assigns Rental Services

·         No membership fee for Agents


What is RES.NET?


·         A technology platform - RES.NET is not an Asset Management company

·         Serves as a tool through which Servicers, Asset Managers and Short Sale Specialists assign listings

·         Series of portals designed for each user in the real estate transaction

·         Three levels of membership fees for Agents; Standard, Premium, Professional


What are Key Benefits of RES.NET?


Communication Enhancement: The RES.NET Connect Tool gives everyone involved in the real estate transaction a simple process to get connected. The Global Message Center allows all those connections to easily communicate and share documents without leaving the system on both a global, and a property level, enabling all users to keep a better accountability of the transaction progress.


Data Management: All data is stored securely online with 24/7 data access. Data is easily exchanged with your system of record (export/import) via elec­tronic interfaces.


Workflow Automation: Indus­try best practices and defined business rules are implemented throughout RES.NET.


Efficient Data Collection and Man­agement: Business-critical data is collected from multiple sources and stored in flexible underlying data structure. All information within RES.NET is kept at the highest standards of security and availability.

Enhanced Exposure: Be exposed to REO Asset Managersand Short Sale Specialists, as well as RES.NET Buyers and Homeowners. In addition, you have the ability to input and manage your own files.


What are Key Features of RES.NET?


·         Enterprise software system

·         System-wide connected message center

·         Connect Tool

·         Secure data storage

·         Advanced work-flow management

·         Exposure to RES.NET REO and Short Sale clients, as well as RES.NET Consumers

·         Integrated messaging

·         Real-time tasking, offer negotiation

·         Robust profile

·         Advanced dashboard design


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Kara-Thanks for the information on Res.net

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