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I'm from Effingham, IL the crossroads of opportunity.  Interstates 57 and 70 come together at Effingham and the number of residents increases and decreases everyday.   The community has about 13,000 residents with a reach of about 30 miles in all directions of residents who frequent our city.  It's a quiet community where you can walk down the sidewalk at any time of the day.

The housing market leveled off in 2006 with a growth rate of about 2.5% which is not bad considering it's been anywhere from 3% to 5%.  The area is a large service industry due to the two interstates going through our city.  The growth has been tremendous in the last 5 years. 

A new theater is currently being built to bring national talent shows to the area.  It will seat around 2700 people and already has bookings set for the next two years.  The local Fine Arts Group will be utilizing the stage at differant times of the year.  This is really a great deal for Effingham and the surrounding community.  The real estate market should be very good this year.

A large sports complex is also in the disscussion phase and it looks like the community is on board to make this happen.

A new $10,000,000 Effingham County Illinois Courthouse Building is to be completed this year.  It will make the downtown area take on a new look.

Original Effingham County Courthouse

There's a lot of positive moves happening in the area and I think it's going to be a good year to sell houses in Effingham, Illinois.

I'm looking forward to keeping you informed about what is happening at Effingham, IL. 



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