Great Spring Maintenance Ideas

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Let's Get Ready For Summer

Spring is finally here, and with that comes some things you'll need to do around the house and in the yard to get your home to be the best looking on the block. Spring brings new life and landscaping will obviously be a big part of what you'll need to do to spruce up your property for the green season. However, there are several things you'll want to do inside your home to freshen up and take care of that spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning

Exterior Home Maintenance

The fall and winter months have a way of taking their toll on the exterior of your home. Plenty of fallen leaves have probably made their way into your gutters, your side garden is probably filled with dead plants, and all those nights of snow melt freezing over has most likely left some serious cracks in your sidewalks. In order to get your home up to speed for the upcoming summer months you'll want to do a few things to spruce up your yard. You'll want to check all external water lines for winter freeze damages, like hoses, faucets and sprinkler systems; if there is damage, repair it before using water fixtures. Check, clean and service your air conditioning unit, as clean coils are more efficient at cooling your home. Examine your gutters and roof for leaks or any incurred damage from the cold season. While you're looking around up there, you could also take a peek at your chimney to make sure there are no cracks or other damages. Chimney flues should be cleaned once a year, so what a better time than spring cleaning time to have that taken care of? You can use a screwdriver or other probe-like object to poke the wood trim around windows and doors for possible exposed wood. If there are areas of exposed wood you should apply new paint to avoid wood-rot.  Lastly, low areas in your yard should be filled with compacted dirt as the spring rains can create more wash-out and could lead to flooding, which is much better avoided.  

Interior Home Maintenance

Now that the outside of your house has been addressed, let's talk about the inside. Spring starts a whole new cycle of allergies for many people, and there are ways to make the season change a little less harsh. First, you'll want to clean all your windows, inside and out, and then open them all up to air out the house. This is best done on a day with little wind, so that pollen doesn't make its way in. While the windows are open you'll want to change all the air filters throughout your home, starting with the air conditioner and then through the ventilation system in the home as well.  You'll also want to give all other surfaces in your home a thorough dusting and cleaning. After all the dust has been stirred up, give carpets and other floor surfaces a deep clean to seal the deal. These are a great start to freshening up your home in preparation for spring and summer. Doing all of your regular chores and upkeep procedures in a particularly thorough manner is another part of spring cleaning that can help freshen your home.


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