Tax Day is April 17th This Year

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It’s Americans’ least favorite time of year — mid-April and the tax man cometh.

H&R Block hides some helpful tax tips in its infographic “The Procrastinator’s Guide to Filing Income Taxes.” Want to know what happens if you can’t pay the tax owed by April 17th? Or why you should file your return anyway? This infographic has the answers.

Jess Bachman, a graphic designer specializing in infographics and viral content takes a different perspective in his poster “Death and Taxes” — not only depicting where federal funds are scheduled to be allocated in 2012, but offering trend information for the last decade (as well as change from 2011). The poster takes two months to create each year and covers every dollar of the U.S. Federal Budget. Did you know that spending on the Securities and Exchange Commission has gone up 163% since 2002, while spending on the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has risen 137%?  The “Death and Taxes” is available as a 24” x 36” poster at Amazon.

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