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 Homes – Houses For Sale Oceanside CA

Homes for sale Oceanside CA – Oceanside CA is a coastal community located in the northern part of San Diego County. Oceanside was incorporated in 1888. During the following years, Oceanside CA experienced a period of rapid growth due to the railway which brought people and business to the sunny beach town.


Houses for sale Oceanside CA – The first of the Oceanside Municipal Piers was built in 1893. These piers were instrumental in drawing tourism to the coastal community as with the additions of the Oceanside Harbor and the El Camino Golf Course.


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Homes for sale Oceanside CA – Today Oceanside CA is a thriving community. Located just south and bordering the US Marine Corps known as Camp Pendleton, Oceanside CA attracts people of all ages and influence. Local armed forces, long-time residents, and beach loving tourist travel to Oceanside CA to enjoy the wonderful climate and community attractions throughout the year.


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Houses for sale Oceanside CA – Now is a great time to look at purchasing your new home in Oceanside CA. The rate to finance money is at historic lows and the values of homes for southern California real estate is the lowest since the early 2000’s. Inventory is becoming increasingly tight and the competition to purchase is also growing. There are a growing number of multiple offers on properties, (attached and detached single family homes) in price ranges from $400,000 and lower.


Homes for sale Oceanside CA – If your in the market to purchase a home in Oceanside CA, it is critical that you have the expertise of an agent who knows how to negotiate on your behalf and just as important, know that your working with an agent who understands the contracts of Bank Owned Properties and the inner workings of the short sale process. As a buyer, you may find yourself loving many different properties and you may find yourself bidding on several of those favorites only to find yourself being outbid by other buyers.


Houses for sale Oceanside CA – Have a strategy going in and make sure you’re on the same page with your agent. If you understand the principles of negotiating and you follow the rules your agent’s sets out in your plan for success, your chances of getting your new home in Oceanside CA are very good!


Homes for sale Oceanside CA – If you’re in the market to purchase or sell your home come visit us at Our team prides itself on communicating on a professional level and leaving the “used car salesmanship” for the other agents in the market place. We offer a free consultation for all areas of real estate from short sales to purchasing bank owned properties.


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