I have heard from many order takers that the Real Estate market is dead ,well i keep lamenting that Real Estate agents who always have it in their vocabulary "to always be closing" a motto i live by ,if you ain't closing your taking orders,The market is like one of my favorites movies "The Perfect Storm" when a powerful Nor-easter hurls towards a small ship in the middle of no where , three powerful storms colliding to make the storm of the century,Well we in Real Estate have our own little perfect storm going on and its no secret that

1....interest rates are low

2...inventory is plentifull

3...buyers are out there ( as long as you r not looking for local buyers the "cold old rich" are looking ).

The agents in our local MLS who are left ,and are advertising everywhere but local ,as of 22 Dec we have 17 closing with 3 or 5 by end of year 90% are

1....From out of state

2...Baby Boomer

3...Six closings where from our on-line Web-Site ( where NAR state's that 85% of new buyers go on-line to investigate area's to live  in ( i have heard Horror story's of buyers knowing more about homes,schools,jobs,)another example of people who got into Real Estate who really should of stayed at Burger King .

4...Five closings where from a German investor who is land banking lots, as the German mentally is a five year hold, not American quick flip make lots a money and complain when the 100% overnite profit didnt materlize they blame the Real Estate agent who is only doing exactly what buyer wants ( this Gentleman has this year bought 21 lots now hes ramped it up to 3 - 4 a week ,also he went on my Web-site after 2 agents didnt even get back to him

5...Two walk-in's to our office

6...Two from our info centre that we run (which is a out of business builder model centre that we took over and brought in 11 small builders who couldnt afford the $3000-$5000 to run a model , our agents run it and it works

All in All the perfect storm is here for how long who knows take advantage of it you need help i will email 10 things you need to try forget what you did last year the storm is a different business model

Thanks to Gary from ERA who when i was getting interviewed by Sun Herald came up with the "Perfect Storm" analogy     

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