Week in Review April 15th, 2012

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Was a great week for us. Carey and I didn't really grind it out this week. We actually spent time exercising and hanging out with the kids. Of course we worked on escrow maintenance.

My one file on a short sale with Wells Fargo went bonkers, but we handled it. We have hit every check mark request that they demanded and within our abilities (my client is 80 years old and not tech saavy) but the asset manager was a little on the over extreme strict side and kept nitpicking the file. My client's net worth is about $2 mil but I guess the Wells Fargo snobs (sorry) doesn't deem a Charles Schwab portfolio with reserves as a true liquid asset. Whatever. Issue fixed.

We did actually help 3 contracts go into escrow, so that's good.

As far as open houses, we sat primarily in Maricopa from Thursday to Saturday and connected with some good people who really are looking for some good deals in Maricopa. One gentleman from New Jersey came in by himself and we just started chit chatting and then he said to me that he liked my truthful style and non-hard sell approach, so he went and got his family out of the car to see the home. He looked at other open houses but he told me he wanted to give his email and phone number to only me, little ol' me, which leads me to this thought:

I like open houses. I like them when there is a short supply of homes and I like them when there are many homes for sale. I like them when other realtor friends are having them and there are signs everywhere and I like them when there are not that many. It doesn't matter. It's all about the connections and who relates better with who. The members of our team strive for transparency, realness, and character. No we're not perfect, and guess what, we do not hide that fact. :)

So we wrapped up the weekend with a nice year ending pizza party for my son's soccer team I coached this season at Native New Yorker and then at our Gold Canyon open house where in 5 hours over 20 different customer groups walked in. We connected with a couple from South Dakota who said they were looking in the $200,000 range, something lower than the $400,000 home we were sitting in. Carey and I smiled after they left and enjoyed a conversation about how sometimes it's nice to hear that people want a good deal at $200,000 when in Maricopa people say they want a good deal at $60,000. By the way there are no single family detached homes for sale in Maricopa for under $60,000, but there are 3 active homes for under $70,000. Here look, check it out:


Oh and we also paid our taxes.
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