Nia in San Jose and in Campbell

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There are multiple Nia classes around the South Bay. I have two that could be considered close to Downtown San Jose, I have one in Campbell, and I have one in South San Jose.

I have been teaching in Willow Glen which is somewhat close to downtown San Jose for over THREE YEARS.

Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 to 10:00 am in Willow Glen.  This is a great group to get your morning workout in with.

On Monday EVENINGS at 6:00 pm I have a Nia Class in Campbell.  I think of Campbell as being central in the South Bay.  The class is off of Hamilton and San Thomas.  There is a large dance floor and plenty of parking! 

The South San Jose Nia Class is on Saturdays 10:00 am!

THREE DIFFERENT LOCATIONS at which you can do Nia in the South Bay Area.  Three different days.  Four different times available!

Nia is a CARDIO WORKOUT and is as intense as you make it.  If you don't feel as if you have a lot of energy you can keep your movments little.  If it is a BIG energy day for you then go BIG, make your movemets BIG and DEEP and really get that heart pumping.  It is up to you.  There is a variety of music in a Nia class and we do a wide variety of moves. 


There is more information about Nia on my website and on my blog and Nia's main website


Thank you.

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