Real Estate Broker/Owner with Turn Key Real Estate



How are your stocks and bonds paying off?  If you have calculated your return on your IRAs you probably feel lucky to achieve even 8%.  Real Estate investors, following my recommendations, usually double that.


Would you like a Real Estate investment that doesn't require cash out of your pocket and at the same time doubles your yield?  Did you know that your IRA's and other tax deferred investments can be converted to Real Estate holdings?  This is nothing new.  It's been in the law since we started IRA's.  It's just that most stock brokers don't bother to mention it.


Steps are complicated, but not for you.  Entrust (f/k/a Midwest)  has been doing this for  decades.  Our local Scott Trade says they can do it, but I have no personal experience there. You simply sign up with a suitable broker he arranges to put your funds into a SELF-MANAGED ACCOUNT.  You can then direct him to sell off some of your stocks and bonds and, when the opportunity comes up have him buy a suitable property.  You can continue to buy, sell, exchange all within your tax-deferred account.  Your facilitator handles the paperwork, your tax advantages are preserved and you can aquire higher yielding properties without tapping your cash accounts.  Sound good?


Contact me.  Let me know the kind of properties you like to own and I'll create a projection; showing you the kind of returns you can achieve.  These days, all of your investments should be earning top dollar for you.





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