10 Reasons to Buy a Home in the Imperial Valley Now

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10 Reasons to Buy a Home in the Imperial Valley Now

I've been writing about how the market is changing in the Imperial Valley over the last several months. The El Centro California MSA, also known as Imperial Valley is showing signs of a turn around, once again reinforcing the fact that now is a great time to buy a home.  Tomorrow is also a great time to buy a home too since the fundamental strength of homeownership has not changed.

1.  You can get a good deal and even a great deal.  Sales prices are down by at least 50% since a few years ago and they're at a level which makes them affordable for most people's income.

2.  Mortgage money is cheap and is at near record level lows.  Current low 30 year fixed rate mortgage makes the costs of homeownership even better for the long term.

3.  Save money on income taxes.  As a homeowner, you can add up deductions and include mortgage interest, property taxes and others, thus brining down the cost of homeownership at or below comparable rental properties.

4.  The home will be yours.  The one great benefit of a owning a home that never changes is that you can decorate and paint the home the way you want to.  Try doing that with a rental property and see what your landlord says.

5.  You can upgrade.  You can buy into some of the nicest housing areas in the Imperial Valley.

6.  Homeownership offers some inflation protection.  Historically appreciation over time outpaces inflation.

7.  Its risk capital.  As the economy improves, you share in the benefit from appreciation, even if your goal was to only have a nice place to live in.

8.  Its a forced savings.  A part of your monthly mortgage payment goes into building equity.

9.  There are homes to choose from.  There are many homes available nationally and locally today, now is the time to find something you like and buy it.

10.  Sooner or later the housing market will clear up.  Overall, the US is expected to grow by another 90 to 100 million people by 2050.  These people will have to live somewhere and demand eventually outpaces supply.

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