Landfall homes in Wilmington NC Appreciate Most But take Longest to Sell

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In Wilmington Landfall Wins for Home Prices Going up Past Year

If you look at all the zip codes in Wilmington NC you see that real estate prices increased the most in the 28405 Landfall real estate market in Wilmington.

Landfall home prices go up past year


Real Estate Market for Landfall homes in Wilmington nc

Another Quick Stat--Landfall homes take the longest to sell in Wilmington NC

The neighborhood or area that takes the longest to sell is Landfall while the zip code 28412 homes for sale have the lowest DOM-- days on market. This is typical in most markets--the pricier the homes the longer it takes to sell. landfall homes are highest days on market in 2011 Another quick observation if you go back one month to March 2012 you can see all the zip codes starting to turn downward. Is this the mark of a real estate market that has turned the corner with lower prices that are now rising and falling days on market due to higher demand? I'll be back with more on that soon. Everything you need to know about Wilmington real estate is here.

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