Modesto CA Foreclosures

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Modesto CA Foreclosures

In Modesto CA, we experienced probably the largest foreclosure rate in California. I don't have the statistics but I know it's a fairly accurate statement to begin with. 2008 marked a change in real estate history all around the world bringing a new mass development of listed homes on the market. Modesto homes for sale were primarly foreclosures from then on.

I'm a home inspector. I'm also a stay at home dad, a carpenter, a computer repair man, a writer, an auto mechanic and a licensed contractor. In this day and age, you need to be versatile with what you do in order to make a living. My wife almost lost her job a few years ago while we struggled (just like everyone else) during these last few years. My experience is in construction and you can only imagine the pressure that was placed on that industry. No homes were being built, although now (in 2012) I can see some light at the end of that tunnel.

  When inspecting Modesto CA foreclosures, explaining to some of my clients some of the smallest details in home repair can (and do) go a very long way in my business. It's one of those trades that simply being certified in a classroom to inspect homes isn't necessarily the best experience to do the job, very well.

Communicating effectively in both verbal and written language is a very big factor in being a good home inspector. Knowing how to use words that have little or even no persuasive content is a skill that only a writer knows how to do. If you say the wrong thing, it could make or break the sale of the home without you even knowing it. You have to be aware of how your words can be construed. Sometimes, Real Estate in Modesto can be difficult to put into words. To me, that is a challenge I enjoy doing.

Another important characteristic of a good home inspector is honesty. Some home inspectors work for the agent who coincidentally referred them the job from the client who they're trying to sell the house to. That can be a very tangled web. I think a home inspector has to choose if he is going to be an employee of an agent or truly independant.


Having a good remedy for a damaged component or structural defect on a home is probably the best service a good home inspector can provide. Only experience in construction can teach someone how to repair something. If you say it can be fixed, you better be ready to answer the very next question which is usually, "how"? In the long run, being able to explain to a client how something can be repaired is much better than simply saying, "it's broken".

It is not part of a home inspectors standards of practice to offer home repair advice during a home inspection. However, when I inspect Modesto CA foreclosures, it is a friendly bonus that I add to any home inspection that I do.


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