Real Estate in two thousand Eight!!!

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Flagler County underwent a market adjustment in 2007 which is one to tell your friends about.  In essence, with home demand dropping and an inventory of just about anything you would want, this has become the perfect opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to step in to a second home or vacation home. 

 Real Estate is a long term investment.  One of the problems discovered by those who were dabbling in the market several years ago, was a lack of understanding of the non-liquidity of investing in Real Estate.  Many who bought investment properties to "Flip", soon discovered that in a normal market, it takes a lot of work to turn a property sale into a closing.  Those who have really made money in Real Estate know of the time required to "season" a property before selling.  The return one receives from investing is still much greater than the stock market can offer, but time and patience are what makes Real Estate investment work.

The market has never been better for investing.  Homes are at the lowest they've been and no one can predict when the prices will again climb - but they will - its the nature of Real Estate (Ask Donald Trump).  Maybe now is the right time to invest in your retirement  or vacation home.  Don't be left thinking "I should have invested in January of 2008 when the market was at its lowest and home prices were great!".  Contact me by phone or email to find out what we've got that will fit your dreams!  011 (386) 793-1283 or

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