10.7 Steps to Successful Real Estate Marketing--Steps 4-6 reviewed

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April marks my 25th anniversary in the Real Estate business. Through thousands of transactions and many moons of experience, I have honed in on the 10.7 most critical steps to successful real estate marketing. My last blog post touched on the 1st three points and as promied, I am now moving on to examine steps 4-6.

To recap, what we first looked at was

1. Exposure

2. Preparing the property for sale

3. Access to the property

Now, let's explore further and dive deep into:

4. Evaluation

5. Being Flexible

6. Perfecting the Pitch



Evaluating your property accurately is critical in any real estate market. Over pricing homes is the single largest reason for a home not to sell. After studying over 50 Real Estate markets across the country, I have seen more fortunes lost with this mistake; especially in a declining Real Estate market. Buyers are smart and when they don’t see the value in a home, they move on to the next one without looking back. They rarely make offers on a home that is over- priced; instead they go down the street and offer on the one that they have perceived to be a good value. It is critical your Real Estate agent knows how to value property accurately and pick a price that is close to its actual value. Real Estate markets like ours here in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach , and Redondo Beach need very little negotiating room. Offers within a couple percent of the asking price are not uncommon in these markets.


"Buyers are liars" is a term that is either taught or learned as a Real Estate salesperson develops their career. It doesn’t mean they don’t tell the truth, it just means what they say they are looking for and what they end up buying often doesn’t match. There are many cases when a buyer says they want a single level home with a yard and next thing you know they end up buying a three level townhome with a view. As a seller, limiting showings on your home to buyers who only say they want exactly what you have could cost you a sale. You just never know what a buyer will do and many buyers end up surprising themselves as well.



Selling real estate is just that: selling. This means that the person that is promoting your home should know how to sell. That doesn’t mean that should sound like "used car salesmen" talk, however they should understand what is important about the home and know how to point out the features and benefits of a property to the potential buyers and, even as important, the agents in the marketplace. Southern California Real Estate is unique and can vary dramatically from block to block. You can’t learn everything about a property on a computer. A great salesperson knows about the benefits and details of the product for sale and knows how to convey it in a way that touches on what buyers need. For a buyer to put their signature on a contract they need to feel confident about the property and the price. They want to understand all of the pros and cons of making the purchase. When they learn those pros and cons from someone that is confident in their delivery of that information, it creates comfort in taking the next step: purchasing the home. Pitching the home properly to both buyers and agents is a key strength in a great Real Estate marketing program.


Check back soon to watch for the next installment, where we explore how Negotiations, Motivating the Buyers Agent and Validating Credibility contributes to successful Real Estate Marketing. And where I reveal the ".7" of the 10.7 Steps!

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