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Unemeployed Borrowers Get Mortgage Relief with Freddi Mac

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Starting February 1, 2012, Freddie Mac will give unemployed borrowers in Ladera Ranch, CA and other cities nationwide  have the  option to take a yearlong break from mortgage payments. If you lost your job and your loan is with Freddie Mac, note that the extended grace period, or forbearance of payments, operates in two steps. First, borrowers will be allowed to refrain from paying mortgages for six months without Freddie Mac's approval. After six months, Freddie Mac has the option to extend the forbearance for another six months.
This year long grace period promises more relief than a former three-month forbearance granted by mortgage servicers. The hope is that the extended grace period will allow families who are facing longer periods of unemployment the chance to resolve their delinquencies. In the past, extended forbearance periods were given to borrowers with extenuating circumstances like ongoing medical emergencies, permanent disabilities, and natural disasters. If you need help to determine if your loan is with Freddie Mac, please don’t hesitate to send me a note and I will check for you.

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