Thinking About Making a Switch? Read This First!

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Real estate can be a fickle business, and agents regularly move from one company to the next or decide to set out their own shingle. As you make a move, though, there are a number of things you might want to consider about your new office.


If You're Changing Companies . . .

First, evaluate the feel of the new office. Is it energetic or laid back? Understanding how the office works if you're switching companies is essential. It will help you understand when clients should be brought into the office and when you should meet them somewhere for coffee.


Second, understand how parking works in the new office. The last thing you want is to cause a row when you park in someone else's space while you're entertaining a client.


Third, spend a lot of time learning about your new colleagues. There are ones that you will be able to turn to for help and ones who will want to keep to themselves. Make sure you know the difference between the two.


Finally understand how the office works. When you get a new listing, who do you turn to for marketing materials? Which marketing materials are best suited for which properties? If you don't have an in-office graphic designer, and you're responsible for your own marketing materials, perhaps you should turn to an off-site company to meet your needs. James Colucci Enterprises is a great choice.



If You're Opening Your Own Office . . .

You have a lot to think about. First, you need a business plan. You may be the most successful realtor in your current office, but heading out into the big competitive world can be tough without a plan in hand. If you don't have one, consider consulting with a professional to create one.


Once you have a plan, you're ready to open your office and start marketing. Creating your own brand is essential in this business, and the right marketing strategy will go a long way toward helping you succeed. That said, most real estate agents are great at selling homes, but creating an overall marketing plan can be tough. This is where a bit of professional help can come in handy. Consider contacting a full service real estate marketing firm like James Colucci Enterprises. With the right print and online marketing materials, your own real estate office is sure to be a success in no time at all.

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John Stauffer
John Stauffer MBA, E-pro,CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES - Battle Creek, MI
James - you bring out some good points - however but you have to also consider the value of being able to choose your own philosophy that helps you serve your client better, if you have your own shop you have your own rules and that carries a lot of weight when making the decision to go solo. I have opened two offices on my own over the last ten years and I would be happy to answer any questions someone might have about the intricacies of going out on your own.
Dec 26, 2007 05:22 AM