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Hey all, Hope everyone had a great holiday!

I came accross something over the weekend that piqued my interest. For all of you out there who enjoy video games or have children who do, I found a referral site that is offering a free xbox360 elite to anyone that meets the requirements.  Basically, you need to sign up and get x # of referrals, complete one offer and boom, you're done. I did some research and this is 100% legitimate. This is set up by a marketing company to generate business for the sponsors with the offers. Here's how to do it:

Step 1):  go to http://www.360Elite4free.com/index.php?ref=4507548

Step 2):  sign up and choose referral account, also pick out what xbox package you would like to get for free.

Step 3):  go to the latest offers page and complete one offer. I suggest the stamps.com offer since it comes directly from the post office website (absolutely safe). you need a credit card to complete the offer, but it is only to confirm your identity and you don't get charged anything. Sign up for the free trial, you get $5.00 worth of free postage and then set a reminder in your outlook calendar to cancel the subscription in 21 days (you must keep it for 21 days otherwise you lose credit for completing the offer)

To research the validity of this on your own, feel free to do a google search using 360elite4free in the search box. 




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