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Changes To Local Political Landscape - Should The Ward System Change To An At Large System?

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Changes To Local Political Landscape

Local politics in the news lately has been about the election of the Regional Chair by the electorate rather than by Regional Council.  With all the talk about who best represents the electorate taking place there are other areas who are also making changes in their political landscape.

Should The Ward System In Uxbridge Change To An At Large System?

One Council here in Ontario says Yes! An article in the Owen Sound Sun Times, where council has just voted to make this change, will see voters in Chatsworth, Ontario voting for councillors at large rather than by ward as we have here in Uxbridge.

The Article tells us that since amalgamation took place in 2000 Mayor Bob Pringle of Chatsworth has been in favour of an at large system where all five council candidates are voted for by all voters in Chatsworth. He feels this way people have more say in who they vote for.

Changes To Uxbridge PoliticsWhat the story does not tell us is will voters be able to vote for five potential candidates or just one with the top five becoming the new councilors.The only dissenting vote came from a councilor who indicated that a continuation of the ward system is what the voters in his ward wanted.


Which one is the right one?

When it comes to local politics which system better represents the voters and their concerns The ward system where one councilor can be held accountable to the voters in their ward or one where all the councilors have to listen to the voters at large and the concerns of a particular area may be ignored because the rest of the municipality voters do not share their concerns.

What is Your Opinion?

  • Will it be harder or easier to have your concerns addressed if Uxbridge Council decided to follow Chatsworth down the road to getting rid of the ward system?
  • Will the added cost of running a municipal wide campaign exclude some from running?
  • Is this a possibility Uxbridge should explore?

Changes To Local Political Landscape - Should The Ward System Change To An At Large System?

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