New Year’s Resolutions

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We all make big plans at the end of each year.


"Next year, we'll exceed our sales goals by 28%."

"Next year, our new web 2.0 marketing ideas will move forward."

"Next year, I'll manage to keep my desk clear all of the time."


The reality, though, is that next year will be little different than this one unless you make some changes to the way you do things. If you have a lot of goals for next year, you may want to consider outsourcing some of those tasks to ensure that you stay on track.


Want to increase your sales? Consider outsourcing your marketing needs. Contacting a marketing specialist may actually help you reach your target audience in ways that you never thought possible. Keep in mind that you can outsource to a cheap professional in this area, but you truly get what you pay for in terms of marketing. Hiring someone that will truly define your agency's benefits for customers is essential. Be sure to look at a number of things when you hire someone to handle your marketing needs. Carefully investigate his or her on and offline background. Additionally, look through his or her portfolio, and be sure to contact references.


Have new marketing ideas that you just can't seem to get around to implementing? Let someone who has handled ideas like yours in the past work with you on implementation. Sure, it will take a few extra bucks to work with an expert in the area, but working with someone else may actually help get those ideas from your laptop to your customers. If your agency is not yet online, let a professional help you get there. Want to send listing updates to potential clients mobile phones? Let a marketing professional show you how. Interested in starting a blog? The right marketing professional can help you get set up, give you ideas for new posts, and even find a professional to help you post.


Managing to keep your desk clear is going to take a bit more than an expert. It's going to take some time management skills on your part. While you can't outsource all of your big plans for the new year, outsourcing some of them may help you truly get more done.


Consider James Colucci Enterprises for all of your real estate marketing needs. With years of experience in the field and a portfolio that is sure to convince even the most serious skeptics, James Colucci Enterprises can help you get real estate marketing results right away.

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