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WOW!  I watched this blog come together over the last several days being deleted and re-written like 10 times!  I am so proud of my husband for taking the time to help so many other people!

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There are many different types of Lead Buckets, which ones are you actively pursuing and engaging with on a regular basis? How many buckets to you use in your business?  I am going to describe in detail below the type of business avenues where I believe you will have the most Return on Investment/Time.

Bucket of MoneyBucket 1: Referrals.  Friends | Family | Past Clients - How do you market to this group of business? It is one of the highest ROI's that you can have, because the cost is Word of Mouth. Having a solid way to market automated to this group is crucial to your success, but it cannot be canned.  Friends will get different marketing from you than Family, and Family will get different marketing from you than Past Clients and so on. Being able to automate the each individually and taking the time to set it up will yield very high returns.  NAR says that 41% of closings come from this Bucket! 41%!!  That tells me it is the most important to be set up RIGHT.

Setting it up: Start by setting up a strong CRM you need to take your time on this, set up each campaign individually for each Referral Type.  Top Producer, Wise Agents are a couple as well as ACT and SalesForceRealtor Database Software.


Money BucketBucket 2: Open Houses!  YES Open Houses do work, NAR says that 77% of people drive by homes that they find online.  That means that you have a 3 in 4 chance of someone online driving by the home while you are sitting there marketing it.  When people come in you HAVE to be ready for them, how do you WOW them right out of the gate? What do you give them that says "I am the top agent in the market"?  Here is one way to set up your Open House:

Have payment flyer ready to hand out: Example of a Payment Flyer

Business Card Sticker

Have a Business Card with the Property on the Back of the Card, so when you hand them your card the potential clients will remember you and the property:

Use your iPad to sign people in.  People LOVE technology and there are many Sign In Apps, this one is great, that you can use to give you that added perception that you are the Technology Expert.

After they come through the Open House, follow up with other LIKE properties using your IDX technology, which brings me to Bucket number 3.


Money BucketBucket 3: IDX Technology!  A MUST HAVE!! This is the MONEY site, where you send or "direct" Potential Clients too.  As long as you have at least one site, then you have somewhere to send Potential Clients.  Pick an easy name for your website, something memorable Like AZREFORME.com or Propertytobuy.com VETsForHomes.com you get the idea.  Then the most important thing is to make sure that your IDX has the ability to build multiple links customizable to each geographic region and Property Attributes.

Let me give you a couple examples:

3 Bedroom Homes For Sale In Vistancia at Trilogy

4 Bedroom Homes For Sale On Huge Lots In Vistancia at Trilogy

Then have those links go direct to searches that you built, so when the consumer finds the link they get exactly what they were looking for.  One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is not taking the time up front to build the webpages with the correct links.  Make it a goal to set up 1 to 2 new page links per day in your website, this will also help you keep your finger on the pulse of your market


Money BucketBucket 4: Organic Website Advertising... This is a tricky one, and probably has the highest ROI next to Referrals (See Bucket 1). As you're building the webpages from Bucket 3, you are also adding content rich information about the area.  Make sure each page has 300 words, and 3% the keywords you are wanting people to find when searching.

The more Pages you build the more ranking your site will get, little by little.  If you build 2 pages per day for 2 years, you will have 1460 new pages on your website that has the built in IDX MLS Search.  Sprinkle in your Social Media here, driving your "friends" to your site.

Blogging is a MUST when setting up your Organic Search Bucket.  Activerain is by far the best medium to use because it was set up for Real Estate agents.  This means when someone in New York writes a Blog page it helps someone in Oregon who wrote about the same "type" of property there.  Each page needs to have your Settings dialed in so there is a place to send customers called a Landing Page. Having a solid Landing Page that makes sense to the look of your Blog is crucial.  This means if you are selling Short Sales, then your Landing Page might be your Short Sale process, or how to qualify for a Short Sale... 

Money BucketBucket 5: Pay Per Click Campaign!  One of my favorites because the yield on this is extremely high if you set it up right.  One Tip: seek help with a Google Adword Consultant, it will take months off your learning curve.  Also, it doesn't cost as much as you think!  If could, but doesn't have too.  

Daily Limits: set your daily limit to what you are willing to spend or that you have budgeted for.  For instance if you want to spend 500.00 a month on Pay Per Click or PPC then your Daily Limit will be 16.00.

Cost Per Key Term: BE CAREFUL here, you could end up spending your whole budget on terms that will not yield you anything.  You have to watch this part, I am literally in there 2 to 3 times per day watching this to make sure I am getting the TYPE of clients I want. You can manually set each terms COST, which is the way I prefer to set it up.  Some I make sure that I am on page one, and some others I make sure I am the top link.  For the very specific long tail keywords I always make sure that I am number 1.  I've gotten my PPC campaign down to about 13.00 per lead, in which 90% have good numbers BECAUSE of the way I have the terms set up.


Money BucketBucket 6: All other forms of advertising... Print, TV, Radio etc etc... I currently do TV but it is sporadic, due to the very high cost and unpredictable results.  On very high income months I run TV ads, mainly for branding.

Runnning consistent ads here is the key, something over and over.  I had one consultant tell me that it takes 7 times, they need to see the ad 7 times before they will call.  Be that as it may, I run them every now and then.

Print, like fliers or Post Cards.  A solid Post Card campaign can have a pretty high return as well, if done right.  Build a Facebook page for a Neighborhood that you are targeting, then send 7 mailings to that Neighborhood inviting ONLY those living in that subdivision.  After you have done that, invite all the business owners around that neighborhood to post their discounts, coupons ect.  You will eventually not have to post anything there at all.


Well that about does it.  I could elaborate on each one and give you a road map for each because I actively employ all of the above successfully. Hmmmmmm.... Idea for 6 new blogs???  Maybe....

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