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Bonsai Collection

The Federal Way constructed the Pacific Rim Bonsai collection and it was opened on 1989 with the participation of the Washington State centennial celebration. Its goal is to promote the outstanding features of bonsai in the Pacific Rim. The mission of the Weyerhaeuser Company is to be the first choice of the customers and investors around the world, to provide renewable resources to planet earth and to build good customer and employee relationship.

The Pacific Rim Bonsai collection is open weekly; they operate from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. In the area, they are very strict and protective of their riches. The Pacific Rim Bonsai collection is a smoke-free environment which helps the plants to consume fresh air. The company also offers special exhibits for the bonsai to spotlight a variety facet of bonsai design and display. These kinds of exhibits will show the people and let them experience a particular theme or fashion for a comprehensive glance at the art of bonsai. You can see different arts and forms of bonsai creations from outstanding bonsai artists. The elegance and serenity, drama and passion, shall be present at the art collection. The anthology features 60 outstanding and exceptional bonsai from six Pacific Rim nations.

A Bonsai is considered to be the small representation of a full-grown tree. It suggests or represents a mood or scene that is in a current status of nature. Unlike any other sealed plants, bonsai are not appreciated through their physical structures but Bonsai have the skill or capacity to create an image other than them. A Bonsai can be compared to a painting because it doesn’t have an accurate image that could make people identify the structure easily. A Bonsai artist controls the tree by tying and bending the branches. A Bonsai artist creates such structures that will simplify the abstract form that the scene suggests with the poignant responses needed.

Photo courtesy of Fob licensed under "Flickr Creative Commons 2.0"

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