Thinking About A Bergen County Loan Modification? Run The Numbers First

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Balancing the AccountsBergen County NJ – When you negotiate your loan mod you need to remember that the banks are professional negotiators. They know the tricks.

They know how to suck as much money out of you as is legally possible. Don’t kid yourself. They’re going to use every single tool in their tool chest to squeeze you.

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So before you start negotiations with the bank, you’ve got to be prepared. You can’t just walk into a gunfight with a knife. You’ve got to go prepared so you get yourself the best deal.

Research your options. The lender’s negotiator can sense weakness. They can sense when you’ll take any payment amount they tell you. Guess what happens next?

You’re going to be stuck with a much higher monthly payment. Make sure that when you start negotiations, you know the alternatives. You can’t negotiate unless you come from a position of power.

You must be able to say, “I can afford to walk away from the negotiating table if you push me to hard. If the bank pushes me to a monthly payment that I can’t afford, then I will walk away and get a better deal for myself elsewhere.”

Find what houses similar to yours are renting for. It might make sense to rent and divorce the unrealistic lender and overpriced mortgage.

I’ve seen so many people stay in their house and accept a monthly payment much higher than what they could rent a similar home for each month.

The other thing is, they’re already strapped just trying to pay their mortgage month. It becomes a struggle to put food on the table. How did that happen?

Well, their lender was good at negotiating. Don’t let someone who’s good at negotiating push you around and take food off your table.

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Because most short sales are beneficial to a lender. If you accept our offer to help you on a short sale, your lender may not agree to a short sale or to modify your loan. We do offer a loan modification kit.

However, the likelihood of negotiating a modification is like everything else in life. It takes work and persistence to convince your lender to modify your loan. No matter what you or we do, your lender may not approve a loan modification.

If you stop paying your mortgage, then you could lose your home and damage your credit. Because we know avoiding foreclosure is so important to any homeowner, we recommend that you speak with the appropriate legal or tax advisor before making any decision.

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