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Imagine the 2 different reactions we get when we show people the simplest home search website we've created:

1. Wow! That is clients will love it!

2. I just don't get it.

Which one are you?

Visit to try it for yourself!

simple home search website


Benefits of using this simple website format include:

1. Simple look and feel that exactly matches Google Search layout.

2. Custom Google real estate search right on your home page.

3. 1-time set-up fee and low low low monthly fee.

4. 5 other pages with your listings, bio, testimonials, and more.

5. Integration with your social media accounts.

6. Google optimization.

If you are interested in one for your real estate business, please call 978-399-8192 and speak with Jackie about the details!

Jarred Alexandrov

Social Media Architect @ REIC

facebook fan pages for real estate

facebook fan pages for real estate

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