The New Year is Comming... The New Year is Comming!!!

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As the New Year approaches I find myself caught up in the hurried frenzy that most agents create regarding their business and personal goals for the next year. I realized  that my 08 business plan was completed in October 07 and I really have nothing to scramble to complete. I was really feeling a bit on the outside as some peers were pulling together their plans for marketing and siking themselves up for a busy year. I already had my business plan, my coach, marketing plan.... Then it hit me.... I had not made myself accountable to anyone for those goals!!! The solution seemed incredibly simple. I would post my top 3 areas for improvement here and ask that everyone who reads this hold me accountable. Simple right? So here are my goals... feel free to call me out on any of these:

1. Make my 21 days complaint free. For anyone who does not know about this great challenge... www.complaintfreeworld.comhas FREE purple bracelets. You order this bracelet (and perhaps the audio book), accept a challenge to go 21 days without complaining, gossiping, or nagging (really not as easy as it sounds) and hopefully complete the 21 days with a new habit and lifestyle change that benefits EVERYONE.

2. I have a weekly follow up program...Every Wednesday regardless of what is happening with my listings I promise myself to follow up. I suck at this simple action..... I will call on Monday or Thursday perhaps even on Friday. I really intend to stick to my goal of calling every WEDNESDAY..... at the same routine time.

3. I am on the Board of Trustees for the Orlando Marine Institute (OMI). This is a fantastic program for children Who are heading down a very troubled path. the kids are referred to the program by the juvenile Justice department. It is my goal for 2008 to make sure their reward pantry is filled at all  times with items worth working toward. The kids earn points that can be used weekly to purchase items. It was quite bare in 2007... If you would like to help me with this challenge items that are needed are the basics of life pretty much.... Personal hygiene products (shampoo,soap, deodorant ect.) non perishable food items that the kids can carry home to help feed their family, and fun things like a bike that they can use for transportation once released from the program, or baseball caps, t-shirts, restaurant gift cards.











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