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Creative VadoHD 3rd Generation Video Camera Review and Overview

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This video details the Creative VadoHD 3rd Generation camera kit from HDhat ‪http://www.hdhat.com‬ (visit the store for pricing info). The kit includes the VadoHD camera modified with a .5x wide angle lens which doubles the capture area of the camera plus a stabilizer bar with Giotti ballhead and lavalier microphone with 20' cable.
The VadoHD shoots nice bright video and is further improved for shooting real estate video by the ability to manually adjust exposure/brightness. Transferring video is simple as well using the popout USB connection with a convenient USB dongle to make connecting it to your computer a snap.
The stabilizer bar is made in the U.S. in the shop of HDhat.com from black anodized aluminum with a solid core and a Giotti ballhead which allows it to be used for self-filming and vlogging.
The microphone is an Audio Technica ATR3350 lavalier with a 20' cable with the additional option of a dual adapter cable that allows 2 microphones to be connected to your VadoHD kit. Any 3.5mm plug microphone that operates on batteries will work i.e. shotgun mics.....lavalier mics etc.
You can check out the full kit here ‪http://www.hdhatstore.com/Vado-HD-Complete-Real-Estate-Video-Kit.html‬