Receiving a CRS listing referral in Denver Area is a win-win for all parties!

Real Estate Agent with The Berkshire Group

Receiving a CRS referral in the Denver area is a win-win for all parties!  By that, I mean, sellers, listing broker, referring broker and even the new buyers!  Within the past month, I received a referral from a CRS in North Dakota.  She had found me on the CRS website, researched me and then called and left a voicemail.  I responded within 3 minutes (IMPORTANT - respond quickly) to her call.  I was able to follow up with her contacts here in Denver within a few more minutes and set up an appointment to discuss the sale of their home.

The beauty of a CRS referral is the confidence the clients have in you even before they meet you.  I met with the sellers and within minutes, we were proceeding toward finalizing a listing agreement.  Within 3 days of placing the home in the multiple listing service, we received an offer (didn't get under contract) and by week's end we were under contract that closed without a hiccup.

Happy Seller, Happy Buyer, Happy Listing Broker and Happy Referring Agent!  CRS rocks!

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