Bike, Walk or Bus - In Missoula It's Time Again to Encourage Healthy Transportation

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walking, walk, bus, ride, missoula, montanaSOMETIMES IT PAYS to leave the car at home. And if you live in Missoula Montana, sometimes it really pays to leave the car at home. That time is now.

Bike Walk Bus Week begins Saturday, April 28 and runs through May 5. For the next seven days in Missoula, those who opt to bike, walk or ride the bus are being rewarded by businesses throughout the community. And area organizations have plenty of fun planned along the way for those who stay out of their car.

Local businesses have been encouraging sustainable transportation through the weeklong event for the past 20 years. Once again they have joined forces to offer Missoulians plenty of reasons to resort to healthy transportation.

For the entire week, Mountain Line Buses will be free to all riders on all routes, blue bikes are free for the day and those with their own bikes can pick up complementary safety lights and water bottles.   

And throughout the week participants will receive discounts on the coffee they drink, the treats they eat and the events they take part in. In return, Missoula's air will be a bit cleaner, its traffic less congested and its residents healthier.

For students, even the schools are getting into the act with special events planned to encourage the development of a good habit. Students should expect treats, chances to win prizes and hot cocoa if they find another way than a car to get to class.

walk, ride, bike, missoula, montanaFollowing is a list of some of the activities planned for the coming week. Visit the Bike Walk Bus website for a complete list of events.

Week-long events:

  • Free bus service throughout Missoula
  • Walk N Roll Week at the University of Montana (More than 100 prizes given away to participants)
  • Blue Bike Special (Borrow a bike for the day for free)
  • Explorosaurus Club (An adventure for kids that will lead them through Missoula's parks and conservation lands).
  • Way To Go for Peace (Wear your support for peace on your lapel with a free button).
  • Save a Car; Ride a Pony (Free rides on Caras Park carousel)

For daily events that include free coffee, bike rides, walking tours and free admission into special events, click here.

For a list of special events planned at area schools, click here.

The best reasons for participating in this year's effort have little to do with free goodies. In the end, all the walking, peddling and busing is about living longer, living better and living in a nicer community - all of which seem like great reasons to put away the car keys.



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