Bank of America Short Sales-Understanding Reasons for Document Rejection

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Understanding Reasons for Document Rejection

Agents who understand the short sale process can educate homeowners and eliminate delays in offer review. To help agents understand the status of their short sale, please find important information below about the document collection process.


Once a document is uploaded into Equator, an initial review occurs to verify that information on the document, such as the owner’s name, matches data on file for the property. Documents are also reviewed to make sure they are completed appropriately, signed and legible.


If there is a problem with a document, it will be rejected in Equator, which may delay the short sale. The rejection will trigger a task asking the agent to review the document and submit a corrected version. When a document is rejected, Equator will show one of the following reasons:

  • Document is blank
  • Document is not signed
  • Document is illegible
  • Document is the incorrect type
  • Other

Common reasons a document is rejected and shows “Other” include:

  • Agent identified is not assigned in the system
  • Buyer is no longer interested in the property
  • Buyer and/or Seller are not listed on Purchase Agreement, HUD-1 or proof of funds
  • Agent has provided only the listing agreement, not the authorization letter
  • Loan number, property address or names do not match
  • Documents are not complete: missing the HUD-1, offer amount, Proof of Funds or MLS
  • Seller's signature does not match records
  • Death of a primary borrower requires a Power of Attorney and death certificate

Agents currently are unable to view the particular reason a document is rejected for “Other” in Equator. Agents should call Short Sale Customer Care at 1.866.880.1232 for more information on the reason for rejection. Customer Care associates can view the particular reason for rejection and explain how it can be resolved. Work is underway to enhance the rejection reasons displayed to agents in the future.


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