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Selecting carpet for your home in Thornwood NY has never been, you can Shop at Home for your carpeting in Westchester NY.

Carpet Thornwood NY 10594 - Carpeting WestchesterHave you ever gone to a carpet store and just felt lost and overwhelmed?  Sometimes, there are so many options that you don't even know where to start.  Sometimes, you may go into a store and find so many choices that you leave more confused than you felt when you entered?  How do you know what's the best type of carpet for your home in Thornwood NY?  What's the right one for your budget?  And, what's the right color?

We make shopping for carpeting fun and easy.

Everything starts with the area you are looking to carpet.  Is it for a bedroom or a lviing room or a family room or basement or the step?  Different rooms require different types of carpeting.  We'll help guide you through this.  What does your budget look like?  We'll show you different options for different budgets, and you can determine which works best for you vs. what you would like to spend.

We help you with carpet color selection

carpet color selection Thornwood NY 10594 WestchesterFirst, we'll bring the samples to you can see the carpet samples in your own home and lighting.  The carpet colors do look different in the store vs. your home.  We allow you do color coordinate with your paint, furniture and other rooms.  We will help guide you to select the best color.  If you have pets, we'll help provide guidance on types of carpeting that work well with your pets - both the type of construction and colors that will help hide the dirt (or fur).  We can also order swatches for you so you can take the them to the store to help you as you select paint colors.

Our carpets have great stain protection

The carpets contain stain protection that is applied before the carpet is tufted, so it's good root to tip.  We can also find carpets that have multiple colors so they will help hide the dirt.

carpet runner Thornwood NY 10594 WestchesterWe install carpeting on steps and bind carpet runners

Whether you're looking for wall to wall carpeting or a custom bound runner (which shows the wood on the steps), we can help you and provide design tips.

We offer environmentally friendly carpet options

wool carpeting Thornwood NY 10594If you're looking for wool carpeting or sisal, or even sea grass, we have natural fiber carpets that are eco-friendly.  We also offer nylon carpets with recycled content and carpets that are recycleable.



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When you're looking for carpet for your home in Thornwood NY 10594, give The Flooring Girl a call 914-937-2950 and let us "bring the store to your door."

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Carpet Store in Thornwood NY 10594 | Shop at home for carpeting in Westchester County

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