Last Week's Favorites: April 22nd-29th

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Everyone: What a great idea Patricia had for a "Summary Blog" for the week!  I just wanted to Re-Blog this Featured Blog in case some of you missed it!



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This has to be fast.  I'm on my way to celebtrate National Open House weekend and have to leave the house really soon!  So here goes:

1.  Lou Ludwig:  Our Lives Are Shaped by Our Habits  Reading Lou's blog is my favorite way to start my day!

2.  Hella Rothwell:  Do you roll over?  This is a tale of chutzpah, and our girl Hella held her ground!  Good for her!

3.  Tom Arstingstall:  I Know What You Did Last Summer - The trickle effect of local posts.  OK, so Tom is preaching to the choir!

4.  Cherimie Crane:  The Water Was Like Glass, Dolphins Everywhere~ Where is Your Escape?  Cherimie knows how to take a day off!

5.  Donna Bosze: Business Etiquette 101  This is a good reminder for those of us who work in open spaces or cubicals. 

6.  Marnie Matarese:  My Crappy Listing Presentation  OK, Marnie!  Clearly it wasn't all that crappy!

7.  Richard Witt:  Will all the decision makers be home?  A bit of wisdom picked up from a hot tub salesman!  Who knew?

8.  Cheryl Thomson: Awwww...The Perfect Client  Cheryl shares the dream client, the EASY client, we all want - and here's proof that they are out there!

9.  Don Eichler:  Family Affair  Don's family photos are so darmed adorable!  You have to check this out!

And 10.  Kwee Huset: April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month  This is a little reminder we can never hear too often!

That's all for today.  May all of you who are holding open houses have great ones, and drive carefully on your way!  See  you next week!



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