When does the new year really begin?

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For REALTORS, the new year never really begins on new year's day, but really begins 2 - 3 months prior.  If you are waiting to implement your planning for the new year on January 1st, then chances are, you are probably already behind.  All is not lost though.  My suggestion is that if you haven't yet implemented your plan, you work out a 9 - 10 month plan, and begin implementing it right now.  Financial success is important, but one of the ways that financial success is achieved is through psychological success, and psychological success is achieved through completion of a series of smaller goals - hitting all of your daily numbers.

Being a lead generating machine is about controlling those daily numbers and having success with those numbers.  Success with those numbers affords you success with the overall goals, but we know that nothing in this business happens overnight, so we start a bit earlier and allow some time for those daily, lead-generating activities to gain some traction.  So give your ego a chance and don't back it into a corner when it comes to your financial goals; start your plan early, be disciplined, focused and patient, and you will achieve the goals that you've set forth.

When did you start implementing your 2008 plan?

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Jen Hudson
Windermere Real Estate/M2, LLC - Stanwood, WA
Stanwood, Camano & Arlington, WA

That is so true. In October is when I sat down and looked at my goals for 2008.  Nothing in this business is overnight, so it's about planning ahead.

Dec 30, 2007 04:41 AM
Leslie Bloss, Bellevue Real Estate Professional
Bellevue, WA

Hi Benjamin,

I hate that phrase "you are probably already behind."  Oh but it is true.  Will you share with us what your 9 - 10 month plan is (unless it is like "secret sauce").   Good post.

Dec 30, 2007 04:41 AM
Benjamin Bailey
Long Realty Arizona Properties - Phoenix, AZ
Thanks for your comments Jen.  Glad you started in October.
Dec 30, 2007 04:47 AM
Benjamin Bailey
Long Realty Arizona Properties - Phoenix, AZ
Leslie, I hate the phrase too, but sometimes we all could use a reality check.  My plan simply "borrows" (read 'steals') heavily from the MREA models and is applied to a manageable set of lead generating avenues.  I'm a relatively new agent (a couple of years), so some of my goals may be a bit modest, but they are goals nonetheless.
Dec 30, 2007 04:52 AM
Patricia Aulson
Realtor - Portsmouth NH Homes-Hampton NH Homes

The New Year brings hope!


Patricia Aulson/Hampton NH Real Estate 

Dec 30, 2007 04:54 AM
Megan Izdebska & Hanna Manoufar Chandler, Scottsdale Real Estate Agent
United Brokers Group - Chandler, AZ
Double Commitment. Double Results.

Great post Benjamin and soooo true.

Sep 03, 2009 07:13 AM