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My passion is helping you buy your first home, your next home, and your dream home! Better still is helping you with mortgage loans that payoff all of your credit cards and give you financial freedom! 

Too few people consider applying for a mortgage loan, whether for a purchase or a refinance, to be a great experience. I intend to change that perception for as many people as I can meet and you can refer.

Mortgage lending is more than taking applications and processing paperwork. For me, mortgage lending is about earning the privilege to become your Mortgage Advisor.  As your Advisor, I become a trusted resource for current mortgage information and give you practical advice that is relevant to your mortgage needs and financial plans.  "Thinking outside the box" is the best way I can truly make sure that all options are fully explored and you are applying for the best mortgage to suit your needs. 

Imagine for a moment the experience of an effortless and problem-free journey from loan application to loan closing.  Now imagine calling me for your next mortgage loan - and pick up the phone.  You will feel the difference! 

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Economic and Culture Observer (Lenno Cornish)

Well, how are the things with your passion when there is a continuing subprime mortgage crisis? Ir it's not your area?


Oct 28, 2007 06:44 PM