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What are they saying about Allen High

It's a beautiful school, with an amazing set of teachers.Theres a TON of clubs (too many too even count), a huge cafeteria with a tasteful selection of food, and a helpful team of cops. It's extremely safe, and has one of the best News Broadcast programs around. It's curriculum is extensive, and many of the IB classes and AP classes have low class limits so that there's only twenty other kids in there with you. That way you get more personal attention.
Allen High School Reviews Tx

Allen High was a great school had alot of varity of programs and it had wonderful students. It was very understanding and had great education programs. Allen High School Reviews Tx                                                                                              

The tech teacher could be making easily half a million but choses to teach his students how to be succesful. That's heart and dedication. Geez, one of my teachers helped create the IB Porgram used all around the world! Now, if you have a teacher, they will know your name. They make it a priority to know it within the first week or two. My teachers and I have conversations about anything! It goes way beyond a business relationship. Yes, Allen cares about football. I mean we have a good team and live in the South, can you blame us? But the school does not put aside academics because of it. We have a 98.7% graduation rate, students get along at our school, no major drug problems, and trust me, once you are in the top 10% of your class it's battle of brains and determination to stay up there. These people aren't dumb. If you have a problem then you could always move to DISD with a gradyation rate of 41% or for that matter, Plano, where they do have multiple schools. You just have to make sure you aren't found on the "wrong part of town" at a certain time, or get used to having your car egged or keyed because of the ATHLETIC rivalry. I am anAllen Eagle, and will stand up for my school. 
Allen High School Reviews Tx           

As an Allen High School grad I can say that it is the best school in the Dallas area to attend. Keep up the good work. 
Allen High School Reviews Tx

Best School for Special Needs Kids, great programs, great teachers and great help.Allen High School Reviews Allen Tx
The city of Allen builds all community parks and facilities around schools. This is very unique and is a excellent idea.I am especially pleased with Allen HS's Oachestra program. It is one of the best.
Allen High School Reviews Tx  
This is a large and amazing school. Its academic standards are very high and has a myriad of organizations to be involved in. It is recognized and known for its excellence and the students can make the most of their time spent there all while being greatly prepared for college. However, a school is always what you make of it, so take advantage of the classes and clubs. 
Allen High School Reviews Tx
AHS is a very large school (>1000 in each grade). There are definite benefits to that: lots of resources, wide variety of extra-curricular programs, many AP and IB classes, etc. Just realize that you can only have so many involved in any activity- which means only a small % actually get to take advantage of those opportunities. Also, priorities are out-of-whack (as with many schools). AHS has a multi-million $ INDOOR TURF FOOTBALL FIELD...used for PRACTICE. Meanwhile, they are short on calculators for upper-level math. The biggest issue I hear from my four kids is that the students get away with 'murder'. Now keep in mind they are talking about the sheltered, suburbia definition of 'murder': back-talking, PDA, disrupting class, cursing, etc. In summary, Allen is a GOOD district and AHS is a good school. Much better than the VAST majority.
Allen High School Reviews Tx  Allen High School Reviews Allen Tx          
Allen High School continuously strives to be the best that it can be to maintain the school within a school philosophy.
Allen High School Reviews Allen Tx
I moved to Texas from California in 1998, and Allen High school's new building opened in 1999. This is the only high school in Allen. The school has various sprts activities like football, swimming, basketball, etc. And it has great band team, which represented Texas in Rose Parade 2006. Parents in this area are very active at school due to large percentage of stay-home moms.
Allen High School Reviews Tx          


Why Allen?
From eating to meeting and everything in between, Allen has all the goods on everything that’s good! The weather is always beautiful, and getting here couldn’t be easier. Whether you are attending or planning a meeting, sports event or familiarization tour, or maybe you just need an escape from the everyday – no worries here, Allen has everything you’re looking for. Just 24 miles from Dallas, Allen is the perfect place for any kind of visit!
Boyd Elementary School Reviews Tx

 Watters Creek


Allen has more than 180 restaurants to fit just about every dining experience for every taste. Whether you’re a fan of local barbecue or more exotic fare, you’ll easily find all the food you love right around the corner. And, there’s no need to dress up – unless you want to!

With four unique shopping destinations, you wont be lacking in for all your shopping needs and more! Watters Creek at Montgomery Farms has the latest in upscale fashion, from national favorites to unique boutiques, nestled in a resort-style setting. The Village at Allen combines major retail with a variety of eateries, play areas for the kids and Allen Event Center-sized entertainment. Bargain hunters come from miles around to get just the right deal at the more than 100 stores located within Allen Premium Outlets. Cabela’s is an outfitters dream. Ready, set – shop!


Top Golf

Getting Active In Allen
Allen ranges from the extreme to the effortless and everything in between. If experiencing a bit of art and culture is more your style, we have plenty of that, too. We offer great concerts and events as well as just about every spectator sport you can imagine. Of course, Allen is known for its history and nature and is brimming with lots of other extras all around town. Did you know that city planning created hike and biking trails throughout the city?
Allen High School Reviews Allen Tx


Sports and Events
Allen is the home for the Allen Americans and the Allen Wranglers semi pro hockey and football teams. The Event Center is also a draw for famous musicians. 

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     Allen High School Reviews Tx                                                   

       Allen High School Reviews Tx

Bolin Elementary School Reviews Allen Tx


Bolin Elementary School Reviews Allen Tx

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