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Why Real Estate?

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Why Invest in Real Estate....

… instead of Stocks, Bonds, Gold Etc.

Because the average investor may generate more profits with Real Estate investments than Stock Market Investments. 

Find the right property, at the right price and rent it for a profit. 

Yes, you have to learn how to do all these “right” things, but they are not hard. Done right, you have the opportunity to be in control of your investment, to make changes or improvements as you like, and all-the-while investing in something that should appreciate over time. As the value increases, so does your equity and your leverage. Done right, you can build a Real Estate portfolio that is strong and profitable.

Unless you have an above-average skill at buying and selling the right stocks at the right time, you are usually at the mercy of the Fund Mangers or your Stock Broker. You can't control the company the stock is tied to, make any changes or improvements to the company, or change anything about the company.

Also.... consider this...

Banks are not in the business of loosing money so they are not very likely to lend money on something that has a high risk of losing. A bank (or Lender) will loan you money (a mortgage) to buy a house. How many banks do you know of that will lend you money to buy stocks? Usually you can get a loan by putting something up as collateral. In Real Estate, you can use the property itself as collateral, to get the loan to buy the property. Not so easy with Stocks.

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Bob Miller
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The Ocala Dream Team

Hi Mike and Rita,  I think real estate is one of the best investments right now.  I hope you know about self directed IRA investing.  If not check out Equity Trust Company

May 01, 2012 07:34 AM