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Do you know your Prefect Customer Life-cycle?

As a small business owner, your hopes and dreams range from business goals to personal aspirations-like opening a news store, increasing your database or taking the family on vacation. Unfortunately, lost time, missed opportunities and unrealized revenue potential can make them feel out of reach.

If you are running your real estate business without the aid of a relationship management software, then you must be still doing it the old way.  Don't get me wrong, the file box and 3 x 5 card was and is still in use with many top agents. Back in the 80's and early 90's we had no choice.  I still like the idea of seeing my handwritten notes.  

So... lets keep a combination of both.  Every blog, web page, facebook fan page, should have a webform to capture your potential prospect.  Give them something of value.  Yes, I know this is old news to most online marketing techies.  You need a system which follows up, (email, text, voicemail, and task alerts to you and/or your team.)  I have seen countless agents get new leads, followup once, 2x, maybe 3x and die.  Now they continue to move on the trying to get that new next lead. 

VICO System assist small business owner in building their PCL

As system that is configured to work correctly will not fail in its task.  Getting someone who knows how to setup the task to configure the systems is a must.  They need to follow the Perfect Customer Life-cycle (PCL). After a study of over 100,000 small business owners, all PCL's work in the same fashion.

What is the PCL, it amounts to 7 major stages which all prospects move through.  Check out details here.

Getting your CRM systems to handle the majority of your PCL will allow you to do more business with less of your time and your teams human resources.   If you want a GREAT tip, check out the free Success Club for Business owners. The video lessons hit home plate with running a business of any kind.

Companies like VICOSystems LLC have assisted business owners, along with Schools in automating those painful manual processes.

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PS:  If you visit any of my pages, even on Criagslist you will see where it leads to signup, or submit your info here form.  If they leave their contact info, that lead tends to be must more qualified.

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