Tucson Real Estate 2007 In Reflection

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Granted the real estate market for Tucson took a big hit over the past year. November 2006 predictions didn’t come to light. I even stopped trying to predict mid year. It just got too crazy. Doom and gloom sayers latched onto the declining market like a cancer to an open wound. Some of whom are now self professed modern day Nostradamus. Boy, am I going to pay for that comment from some angry discontents and hecklers.

I believe everyone would like to put 2007 behind them. I know I would. Mortgage companies fell like dominoes, homeowners who bought on the edge felt it cut deep. Many have lost their home, and more will come. Positive steps were taken across the board to no avail. The herd mentality took hold. It reminds me of what an old-schooler said, “People are like willabeasts. They will follow each other off a cliff.” It wasn’t a lack of money for lenders, its a lack of buyer confidence. READ MORE

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