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Places I have Lived

I live in the Northern California city of Tracy. Been here for 17 years, which according to a lot of my friends, makes me “the new kid”. Tracy has changed a lot in 17 years. When I arrived it was an agricultural area, but slowly then quickly became a bedroom community for the Bay Area. People moved here for the affordable housing, the good schools and the lower crime rate. As home prices skyrocketed, farmers (many second and third generation farmers) were quick to sellout to developers that paid top dollar for every inch of land available to build on. We all know how that turned out. The housing bubble burst, and thousands of Tracy residents were either foreclosed on, strategically walked away, or have been forced to short sell their homes.

OK, that said, many of these people are now renters. Which brings me to, Places I HaveLived. On the north Side of Tracy there is an apartment complex called Driftwood. I lived there for over 5 years. It's a big place with I am sure over 100 units. They have a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments.Driftwood Apartments

My experience there was very good. I moved there after having given my nice home away to my former wife in a divorce. I needed a place, and I could afford Driftwood. I was hesitant but really had no choice. First thing I noted was the courtesy and friendliness of the staff, which proved genuine over the course of the years. The office staff also had very little turnover which I took to be a good sign. The grounds were almost always clean and I saw staff cleaning them almost daily. The lawns are professionally manicured each week. If I did have a maintenance issue, it was always tended to quickly. Finally the laundry rooms and swimming pools (yes pools, they have two) were usually clean and enjoyable to use.

The only problem when I first moved there was the occasional car theft, and the dumpster divers going through the trash and making a mess. When both became real quality of life issues, gates were installed at each driveway and each walk in and each tenant was issued a remote and a key for access. The problems almost completely disappeared. The only other issue was parking. Each tenant had an assigned space. A few quest spaces were designated, but residents with multiple vehicles (often live ins not on the lease) made parking an issue. This was solved through authorized parking stickers and a vigilant towing policy.

As I said at the beginning I lived their for over 5 years and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed my stay. If your in Tracy and need a place to rent as your credit gets re-established as you wait to purchase your next home, Driftwood is worth a look.


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