On the Constancy of Change.

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I was reading through peoples blogs but this short, yet very meaningful post from Alan May talked to me.

Change is very uncomfortable for a lot of people but in todays rapidly changing times, in which you get the Sunday paper on Saturday evening, it is imperative that you go with the Zeitgeist or your Future will be behind you......stay in touch!

Original content by Alan May


The one true constant in the world.  Change is neither good nor bad, it's just "change".

Don't be afraid of change, rather learn to embrace it.  It's always a challenge, sometimes more than others. Sometimes change is easy to understand, sometimes it's difficult.  But regardless of whether you like the change that's impacting you at the moment, the one truth that you can count on about change is that as soon as you've adjusted to it... it'll change again.

Our industry is fraught with change.  Think about what the real estate landscape looked like ten years ago... maybe twenty years or more  Business was once done with a large printed book, that we refused to allow out of our sight.  Nobody had heard of the internet.  Cell phones were non-existent.  Fax machines hadn't been invented.

Now, think about what our industry will look like ten years from now... maybe twenty, or more. I know, hard to fathom the changes that are coming.

Our personal lives are always changing as well, I know mine is. Those who cannot adapt to change, are destined to falter.


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