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Happy Sunday,

It is amazing how fast real estate can move and at the same town how slow it can seem to go. 

I spent the last week in Washington DC with 300 eighth graders and chaperones and it was a great time. It sure was tiring, but it was fun. We would wake up at 6am and go, go, go until 9pm. We saw just about everything we could see and the kids did great. 

Washington DC is a beautiful city and if it was not for the traffic, it would be a great alternative to Cary, NC. 

I love Cary and I am so glad my wife and I found this place almost 3 years ago so that we could buy our home and start our family. 

The whole area of Western Wake is chock full of options in entertainment for young adults, singles, families, and seniors. The schools are the best in the area, and we have access to first rate museums, universities, hospitals, plays/musical, and sports. 

I am loving being a Realtor and I know that my career in this can only go up, and the fact that I can do this and continue to teach is an answer to a lot of prayers. 

Let me know what I can do for you and your real estate needs. 

Unitl next time,




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