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Tired of life

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Certainly tired of life, is not tired of the people there, how can you not tired grown-up, how can you be thinking. You are very tired, and sometimes from the surface, sometimes from internal. External tired, but that is normal, we are still young and not taken lightly "My heart tired." If heart tired, then you have already started to give up that struggle many things, the pace of your life has begun to stagnate , how can people Weilaoxiancui? You said you tired, maybe you really feel tired, and this spring I also tired, I would also like long night long so that I fell asleep, and when I wake up, and so is the sun rises, the better This day is coming, I told myself today, energetic, good day himself, Zailei also unnecessary, as is the standard of living is the process of our own life, you know? When your tired, you parked in the life of the Harbour, arbitrary tired gently wooed eye to their own good sleep, when you wake up, your eyes are full of the spirit! Do not forget life always tired, tired not to let this soul from the river. Tired of life

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