Top 5 Best Selling Zip codes In San Diego, California!

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Top 5 Best Selling Zip Codes In San Diego, California.

1. Golden Hill: --+180% ---Low Number of Sales 20 --------Current Sales 56
Prices have lingered in the $100,000 range in this area for the past two years until the most recent quarter when they broke back into the $200,000 region. Still, like many areas in this price range, it has been an attractive destination for cash and investor buyers, who lately have made up a larger than normal portion of total buyers in San  Diego County.

2. La Mesa, Grossmont: +173%    Low Number of Sales 33 -- Current Sales  99
Sales in this area began to pick up in late 2008, when prices began their decline. Values fell from $329,250 in one quarter to $300,000 the next quarter: that decline continued into the $200,00 range---again a ripe price for cash buyers.

3. Logan Heights: +147%      Low Number of  Sales 17    ------ Current Sales  42
This neighborhoods trough for sales fell to its lowest point in early 2008 but the bounce back was swift. Within a quarter homes sales soared to 74. The area's central location, presence of bank-owned homes and more affordable inventory have all been factors contributing to the selling power of homes.

4. Bonita: +133%       Low Number of Sales 18 -------Current Sales 42
This was among five areas that recorded tis sales trough in early 2008, when prices began to slip and the county's housing conditions were in their worst shape. Sales here gradually priced up and have remained in the 40 to 60 range for the past two years. Also noteworthy: Bonita's prices have fallen drastically from the start of the current housing market in 2005 to now. The median price dropped from $617,000 in the first quarter of 2005 to $372,500 in the first quarter of 2012, nearly a 40 % drop.

Valley Center: +130%   Low Number of Sales 20 ---------Current Sales 46
This area's prices continue to be depressed, contributing to why it might be seeing one of the biggest bounce backs in sales in the county. The median price in the first quarter of 2012 was $334,000 the lowest that prices have been in this neighborhood since the start of 2005 which marks the beginning of the current housing cycle. Back then the median price was $760,000. This marks a 56 % decline in home values.

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