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When relocation is imminent and parents are force to make the radical move during the middle of school year, it can be very stressfull for both the parents and the child; that is why i have seen many wait until the end of the schooll year to make such move.

But Relocation is not the only reason for parents and children to move during summer season.

We are approaching the end of  2012 school year, and many kids are graduating and moving out to college, some parents start to feel that the big house is too big and would like to reduce and step into the new season of their life.  If you are part of the group of parents that will be going through this transition during this summer.  Let me help you with some simple advice as a professional in the real estate industry:

  • IF you have too many bedroom empty, it is a great idea to downsize.  Get a home with a master bedroom, one room for your children (to visit) and one room studied/ guests.  You will probably end in a much smaller home with less mortgage and cash on your hand.  That's great!  you can either take some vacations but in my opinion, buying a second home in this market is the best option.  You can rent this property, it will pay by itself and your money will growth little by little, and you will pass it along to your children, etc.  The primary idea is to focus in what you really need, not in what you want as a house and have the freedom to do other things.  Many times we confused needs with wants and end up with something that was not in our hearts to begin with.


Now, we have parents that are being force to relocate, and the thought of it is scary because most of the time, you do not have an idea how is the area you are moving to.   This is my suggestion:

  • Google the zip code of the area you are moving to, then find out which schools are closer and how are they rated, find their pros & cons.  the supermakets that are around, movie theater and places to enjoy with your family, stores, hospitals, restaurants.  With so much technology, this is really easy to do.  When I work with a relocation client, i do all of this work for them, and send them a complete package that have most of the information personalized to their needs understanding the season that a family goes through, it is key.


Also, the parents that are not happy with the current school or the kid is not doing well, they are looking to move and try to start new.  Sometimes the change in environment does good for the kids and the family.  It is important to look at homes that provide all the needs that your family requires.  It is better to start with time to look at homes and chose no more than 4 houses to visit, otherwise you will get connfused.  Time flies and once school start is late, you will be caught in another year. 

This is what i have to offered you, i have acquire a set of skills as a real estate professional and also by being a mother.  I understand all the things that goes through your mind because i have gone through them myself.  I will listen and pay attention to what you need; I will then do all my research ( from school, etc); I will maintain communication with you as much as possible, you will have a reliable hand on your side to work toward your dream.

This is what you will get, a professional real estate agent looking after your interest, and providing personalize service.  You will not be a client more, I will be your partner during the transition; You will receive valuable information on regard to the area that you are planning to move.  You will have a professional broker  looking after your best interest, and getting the best deal possible.

This is what I want you to do now.  You should write on a piece of paper which type of situation applies to you ( relocation, kids off to college or changing schools).  Then make a note when do you want to move from your home and when do you want to move into your new home.  If you are being relocated to specific area, make a note of it or if you are choosing to move to a specific area make a note too. make a note of how many bedrooms, bathrooms, what is important to you on regard to a home and price range you would like to be. Now write me an email with all this information and your phone number.   I will answer to you right away and contact you by phone in less than 24 hours. 

I love to help people find not just a house but a home where you and your family can feel love, joy, peace and protected.


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