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Balwin House Restoration Project of Preservation Dallas.

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Swiss Avenue Historic District Home Saved From Demolition

Preservation Dallas, Private Investors Purchase 6015 Bryan ParkwayRestored Balwin House

DALLAS -- Preservation Dallas has entered into an agreement that will ultimately save and rehabilitate a home in the Swiss Avenue Historic District. The Thomas and Kate Baldwin House at 6015 Bryan Parkway has been the subject of litigation since 2004 when Preservation Dallas and neighborhood residents obtained a temporary restraining order to halt demolition of the home. The c. 1915 house is an unusual Craftsman design that completes a virtually intact block face in the city's first historic district. Mr. Baldwin, the original owner, was on the editorial staff of the Dallas Morning News and later editor of the Semi-Weekly Farm News based in Dallas.

Under the agreement, the specific terms of which are subject to a confidentiality provision, a contractor specializing in historic restoration has purchased the property. Preservation Dallas has obtained a line of credit that will enable the contractor to make necessary structural repairs and stabilize the foundation in advance of further renovation.

"The purchase of this property removes the threat of demolition and will resolve the legal claims of all parties," said Steve Whitcraft, president of Preservation Dallas. "We have a mission to revitalize and preserve our city's historic neighborhoods, buildings and places. If this home had been demolished, it would have been the first demolition of a primary structure in the Swiss Avenue Historic District, and while this litigation has been among the most contentious issues in our organization's history, we were committed to stand up for both this specific house and the process that exists to protect other properties designated as historic landmarks from demolition."

According to Whitcraft, the purchase of the property marks the beginning of a concentrated effort by Preservation Dallas to secure donations of funds and materials that will lead to the creation of a revolving loan fund to purchase and rehabilitate historic properties. "We're very hopeful that this is a demonstration project that showcases the ability of Preservation Dallas and its supporters to lend tangible support to worthwhile preservation efforts across the city."
Preservation Dallas is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of Dallas' buildings, neighborhoods and other historical, architectural, and cultural resources. Founded in 1972, Preservation Dallas has a successful history of saving some of our community's most significant landmarks.

JL Boney, III
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Good for preservation Dallas. My father in law lives in Lubbock Texas and we volunteers at a place where they have taken many old houses from all around Texas and moved them to Lubbock for the public to view.
Jan 02, 2008 12:53 AM