Winter Driving Tips

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Driving in the snow is a reality here in Western New York.

Learning How to Drive in the Snow is very important for all WNY Drivers. Here are a few basic tips to help you get to your destination safely.

WNY DRIVING IN SNOWClean the snow off the roof of your vehicle!

There is nothing more frustrating for the winter driver than a vechile's snow blowing onto your windshild. Not only that it is dangerous too! Potentially blinding a driver for seconds if a large amount comes off at one time, and you know it will. Not only that it is the law!

Be Prepared!

Make sure your vehicle is property equipped with snow tires. More importantly slow down and drive carefully. Learn how to control a skid. Leave yourself additional time to reach your desitnation. Be seen -- drive with your lights on! If you are stranded, follow these tips.

Winter Driving Tips:

  • Don't Over steer. If the car starts to slide, steer into the skid.
  • Rememb er bridges freeze sooner than the road surface.
  • On and Off Ramps can be more dangerous than the roadways.
  • Don't get over confident and watch traffic ahead of you.
  • Know your weather conditions and stay home if the weather is going to be dangerous
  • About your brakes... Break early and don't stomp on your brakes. Don't pump anitlock breaks.
  • Don't use cruise control in snowy conditions.
  • Don't Drive and Drive

Read what you should Check on your Vehicle and Basic Supplies You should have at WNY Winter Driving Tips !


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