Sun Tzu's Art of War Book Club

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I recently made some comments on someone's blog where I made reference to Sun Tzu's Art of War, and it got me thinking.  I often make references to AoW, a book I've read several times, and one I plan on reading many many times again, so I thought that an ongoing discussion of the book and the application of its principles might be a great way to learn how people are using the book and to gain a few good nuggets that I hadn't yet uncovered. 

Let this post serve as an open invitation to all have either read the book or who are at least interested in reading it or learning a bit about it.  This group is about the book, so it is definitely not about services you offer, listings you want to advertise, or questions you may have about SEO - there are a number of other perfectly suitable forums for these types of posts; just not here.

Again, I invite you to join the group and join in on the discussion, and perhaps we'll all learn a thing or two about one of the most compelling books written about strategy (and winning) of all time.

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