we've all got a story. just depends what we do with it.

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My Family is from Ukraine and Russia.  I am first generation in the US. I was born in Philadelphia shortly after my parents arrived in the U.S. 

My Dad was in concentration camps when he was a teenager.  He still hates turnips!  He  doesn't talk  much about what he remembers....just that he won't eat turnips.  I hope he will share more on his next visit....he still refuses to move to NC from NJ...cannot understand WHY!

BUT in the meantime while you're thinking of ways to get your family to move closer to where you are now...

enjoy another great song from the past....Imagine....first I heard this one was from John Lennon...great song for the night and an inspirational story ...

some days I thought I had it hard... not so much.....

Sing along.

Have fun.

Got no guarantees..........enjoy today. enjoy tonight.





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Laura Cerrano
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Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher

I'm smiling!


Love and light,


May 07, 2012 01:51 PM
Jordon Wheeler
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Hi Nellie,

What a powerful story of hope and courageous.  Thank you for the post.  Good impetus to reflect and be thankful.  Best of success to you this year!

May 07, 2012 01:56 PM
Nellie Lytvinenko
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We've all got a STORY.  and this one is a good one.  My family is from Russia & Ukraine; and I don't know personally the struggles they had when comint to the US.

I know a life of relative luxury.  There was always food in the refrigerator, warmth in the home, and love in the home.  So many parts of the world and the U.S. don't have the privlidge of those luxuries.

I hope that some day soon there will be no hunger, nationwide and world wide.

May 07, 2012 04:19 PM
Mona Gersky
MoonDancer Realty, Dillsboro,NC - Sylva, NC
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Nellie, O M G, that was one of the best 8.26 minutes I've ever spent!  I'm totally sharing your post and this video.  You have completely done what I hoped for with the Monday Melodies groups.  The only way our world will ever achieve peace is by getting to know each other, one of the purest ways to do that is through music and personal stories.  Thank you so much for this gift today.

May 07, 2012 10:09 PM
Jon Zolsky, Daytona Beach, FL
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Nellie - wow, what a touching story. And what a great song to go with it. Thank you

May 08, 2012 02:40 AM
Nellie Lytvinenko
Homes by Nellie-Working with Buyers & Sellers - Raleigh, NC
919-210-9992, Raleigh - Cary NC Real Estate

Thank you Allen for sending me your comments.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

May 31, 2012 02:02 AM