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My little dog's persistance pays off, we can learn a lot from her

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Ruby is a year and a half old.  She came to a family with 3 other older dogs.  Being the new kid on the block she needed to work hard at getting noticed.  The other dogs snubbed her, growled at her, walked away. Ruby kept at it.  7 months of barking, pushing, yelling, playing she finally managed to be loved by the other dogs.  She especially got the Alpha male dog Toby to preen her whenever she wants. (Her faced gets washed, her eyes and ears are licked and she gets to snuggle with him under the blankets when it is cold) She gets all the toys from the other and is first in line at the dinner bowl. How did the little baby, the newbie, the smallest get this way?

PERSISTENCE!  She never took no for an answer.  She always wagged her tail no matter how much she was growled at.  She stood her ground and never gave up. She even learned to talk to us people with her slight whimpers, kisses on the face, submissive roll on the back for belly rubs and whining until she gets her way.  All the other dogs just wag their tail, but Ruby learned to communicate what she wants, and boy she gets it.

What can we learn from the little bugger?  That no eventually means yes.  That no matter who growls at you, if you work long at hard at it they'll learn to love you.  That if someone does not understand you, you need to learn to communicate clearly to get what you want.  Be humble and submissive (not aggressive) when appropriate and you'll get hugged.(or your belly rubbed) Never give up and finally you'll belong to that which you are a part of. 

Blessing for a great NEW YEAR and puppy kisses from Ruby!