New Year Optimism - What are you waiting for? Lets Get your House Sold.

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Firstly Happy New Year to all.

With the New Year there is a sense of a new beginning, a new optimism and therefore, new opportunity to sell your home.

With the Holman and Holman Team, we are your choice in this market to sell your home. Why?

1) With us you get a team, A team of dedicated Agents that are here to serve you, you do not just get the services and attention of one.

2) We have incredible marketing capability that is backed by the ability to syndicate across multiple service providers to market your home with the Point 2TM network. The following diagram shows our ability to market across these partners and who they are. We know you will recognise many:


Furthermore,  we have successfully agreed through this network to also market your home on the co-operating agents websites across the area. We are currently agreed and handshaked with over 200 Agents. This means that there are over 230 WEB sites that will have your home listed on it.

3) We also have our own marketing powerhouse of successfull web sites. The Holman and Holman Network will also be utilised to the fullest. Each site within it has it's own marketing appeal and service appeal that once entered a web surfer can browse and follow banner adds and links that extends across 12 different sites. These sites in aggregate are realising on average a user hit volume of over 10,000 hits per month. Our E-Marketing and Cross Sell strategy is Best in Class within the Market.

4) Your home will also be listed with a virtual tour profile at Arguably the largest user volume service site on the net for home sellers.

5) Each home will have a virtual tour as a minimum and we will take high resolution photo shots and digitally include these in your home profile.

6) We will also consider the specifics of your home and choose additional marketing avenues based on the target audience that we will be marketing too. If your home is a premium home that has distinct appeal and features. We will also leverage our own proprietary service "The Platinum Realty Collection" and your home will have it's own dedicated web domain an example of which can be seen at This is additional to traditional print mediums and other media service that will be explored to best market your home.

7)We make working with us easier and less time consuming and demanding on you. How, we pride ourselves on the utilisation of technology and the "e-enablement" of our process.   We utilise technology to minimise inconvenience for you, and deliver docs electronically through your email. Learn More......

8)We are contactable and we total access to emails and telephones. We all carry email enabled devices as our cell phone solution. We also all have cell phones.

9)We bring leveragble experience that is going to put the selling of your home into safe hands.

10) If after all this you are not sure what you want to do, if you want to buy or sell or stay where you are but still need to be sure. Lets Chat On It. This is our own chat and forum service that enables you to ask any questions that you may have. Alternatively you can call us locally at: 623 322 2850

Our Service areas are Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Cave Creek, Glendale

Thank you for your time.

Nathan Holman - REALTOR -Realty USA Southwest &

Tel: 623 322 2850 



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