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Chattanooga Real Estate Numbers for November.

Real Estate Agent with Realtor Ryan

Sorry, it has taken me so long between posts.  I have been extremely busy with Christmas and the New Year.  I am very excited about 2008 and ready to get back into the groove.  The Chattanooga Association of Realtors just released their Chattanooga MLS housing numbers for November 2007.  Take into consideration that we are comparing these numbers to a record setting housing year of 2006.  Chattanooga Realtors closed 489 homes in the month of November, compared to 618 for November 2006.  There was a 16 percent drop from October 2007 to November 2007 (568 homes in October compared to 489 homes in November).  Something that we need to consider is that there has been historically a 15% drop from October to November, which puts our recent 16% drop into perspective.  On a very good note is that our median home price has not really changed much and we are hovering around the $140,000 mark.  This proves that we here in Chattanooga didn't see the over-inflation of pricing that a lot of other markets throughout the United States saw over the last few years.  This a great market to buy in and still a great market to sell a home.  One of my goals is to post more blogs for your information in 2008, so you will be hearing from me a lot more this year.  Happy New Year!

Realtor Ryan, Broker